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Legal & Audit Firms

SFUR assists organizations like accounting firms, consulting firms and law firms, which can have both provider and insurance customers, with complex medical reviews, medical necessity assessments, medical management oversight and medical peer reviews.

SFUR offers Cost Containment Services, Consulting and Technology Companies to extend the legal or audit firm team to include Medical Necessity based Medical Cost Containment, Utilization and Compliance Services.   Our strong Physician based review services through our 800+ Physician panel covers every medical specialty and geographic requirement.

We are Leaders in URAC Certified Medical Utilization Review
For 30 years we have provided nationwide Medical Utilization Review Professional Services, applying Medical Practice and Financial knowledge to improve our customers’ process, outcomes and financial results.

We are a member of the National Association of Independent Review Organizations (NAIRO), an URAC Accredited Independent Review Organization, employing Board Certified Physician Specialists, Certified Medical Audit Specialists and Certified Professional Coders.  We continually strive to improve and innovate our services to best meet our customers’ ongoing challenges.

We are committed to the highest quality work product and aspire to exceed our industry’s URAC and CPC Certification requirements.

We are confident that we provide our customers the best price with the highest quality results of all Certified Utilization Review Companies.

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