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Auto Third Party Liability Insurance

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Auto & Liability Insurance

SFUR provides medical necessity based review services to auto & third party liability Insurance payers to optimize Medical Utilization Review & Management, Medical Cost Containment, and Medical Compliance, Fraud, Waste & Abuse.

Our team of Certified Medical Audit Specialist and Professional Coders have successfully saved Payers customers millions in costs for reimbursements of hospital, ambulatory surgery centers and surgeon bills.

SFUR has been providing high quality Utilization and Peer Review Services for 30 years and is a member of the National Association of Independent Review Organizations (NAIRO).

We employ over 600 board certified Physician Specialists who we credential to the highest URAC standards every 3 years.

Our clients count on our exceptional medical knowledge, impartial reporting and timely delivery with the best prices of all Independent Review Organizations.

We are committed to the highest quality work product and aspire to exceed our industry’s URAC and CPC Certification requirements.

We are confident that we provide our customers the best price with the highest quality results of all Certified Utilization Review Companies.

Auto & Liability Cost Containment Solutions


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