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Covid-19 FAQs

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic started, SFUR physician panelists of various specialties have been providing peer review and second opinions to insurance companies, health plans and healthcare providers. Additionally, SFUR physician panelists have been assisting hospitals in improving Covid-19 medical care and service standards. SFUR is committed to providing physicians that can opine on the Covid-19 knowledge and reference base that is continuously expanding.

Here are just some of the numerous examples of questions SFUR physician panelists are answering are for our customers:

1. Is the cause of death related to COVID-19 infection and its sequalae?

2. Can an exposure in March 2020 correlate to a patient’s presentation at a hospital in July 202?

3. Is there confirmation based on the available documentation that the patient expired due to multiorgan failure secondary to complications consistent with suspected COVID-19 infection?

4. Confirm that that the airway should have been secured prior to Air transport given that the patient’s initial arterial blood gas (ABG) on non-rebreather showed severe Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

5. Should the patient have been intubated immediately have receiving identification ARDS on Arterial Blood Gas?

6. Based on the current knowledge to date, was the patient exposed recently as the incubation period is generally expected to be 2 to 14 days?

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