Workers’ Compensation Hosptial Bill Negotiation Services

Our Workers' Compensation Hospital Bill Negotiation Services

For the past 12 years SFUR has negotiated Millions in savings in payments of medical bills for our Workers' Compensation Payers across the country.

Our team of Certified Medical Audit Specialist and Certified Professional Coders apply medical practice and financial knowledge to negotiate medical bills on behalf our our Customers.  Our fee structure is 100% success based ... no saving, no fee.

Our Hospital Bill Negotiation Services



SFUR has been providing high quality Utilization and Peer Review Services for 30 years and is a member of the National Association of Independent Review Organizations (NAIRO).

In addition to our Certified Medical Audit Specialist and Certified Professional Coders, we employ over 600 board certified Physician Specialists who we credential to the highest URAC standards every 2 years.   Our clients count on our exceptional medical and financial knowledge to professionally negotiate medical billing issues and maintain the Payers relationship with their network of Healthcare Provider Organizations.


  • SFUR represents Worker Compensation Insurers in negotiating hospital, ambulatory surgery center and surgery claims.
  • SFUR services the Insurance Carriers, Self-Insured, 3rd party Workers Compensation Administrators TPAs and Legal Firms.
  • SFUR assists Insurers in remaining competitive and retaining customers through consistent claim analysis and claim reduction.
  • We partner with our customers to bring them maximum financial benefit and improved healthcare provider relations on resolving high value billing disputes.


  • SFUR has a physician lead approach including medical audit speciality and certified professional coding procedures and processes that reduce the value of the Healthcare Provider medical bills.
  • Our fees are based on the savings to the Insurer / Payer.  If there are no savings, we do not receive a fee.
  • Our staff knowledge and company database includes all States fee schedules,  and are updated to accommodate ongoing industry and regulatory changes.
  • We provide both medical and financial justification for bill negotiation rather than a  general  “re-pricing” calculation which can be disputed by the hospital or ambulatory surgery center, and is fraught with the potential for fines and litigation.


We do the work. You enjoy the savings.