Hospital Peer Review

Best Prices, Highest Quality
SFUR provides high quality, low cost URAC compliant Hospital Peer Review Services with our 600+ board certified Physician Specialists

Physician Peer Over-Reads

Supporting Hospital Physicians
We help achieve the highest quality patient outcomes and legal compliance with access to URAC and Board Certified Physician Specialists

Workers' Comp Payers

Hospital Bill Negotiation
Our team of Certified Medical Audit Specialists and Professional Coders have successfully saved millions annually for Workers' Compensation Payers

Insurance Peer Review

Workers' Comp Review
As a URAC Accredited Independent Review Organization, we commit to fast turnaround on files, accurate results and the best prices


  • 1Professional Timely Customer Service
    It's been our privilege supporting customers across the US for over 30 years. We continually strive to improve and innovate our services to best meet our customers' ongoing challenges.
  • 2Accurate and Consistent Work Product Delivery
    We are committed to the highest quality work product and aspire to exceed our industry's URAC and CPC Certification requirements.
  • 3Best Price, Highest Value
    We are confident that we provide our customers the best price with the highest quality results of all Certified Utilization Review Companies.


We provide Medical Utilization Professional Services, applying medical practice and financial knowledge to improve our customers' process, outcomes and financial results.

Reduce Costs for Workers' Compensation Carriers

We specialize in Workers Compensation Claims Review, Bill Negotiation and Insurance Peer Review, applying medical knowledge and financial best practices to benefit our customers.

Improve Patient Treatment Outcomes for Hosiptals

Our team of Certified Physician Specialists assist our customers to exceed their quality assurance mandates and compliance requirements, continuously improving medical outcomes.


Solutions for Workers' Compensation Carriers, TPAs and Self Insured

As a leading Workers' Compensation Medical Bill Review and Bill Negotiation company we service the group health, self insured and litigation markets.  We offer medical specialists in orthopaedics, neurology, spine surgery, neurosurgery, pain management, anaesthesiology, physical medicine, rehabilitation, psychiatry, chiropractic, and other work-related and group health specialities.   We've successfully reviewed and negotiated tens of thousands of Workers' Compensation Hospital Bills with consistent savings outcomes.

Our staff experts support customers in obtaining fair review of complex medical billing as well as supporting payers in Peer Reviews of the necessity of procedures.

Our Workers Compensation Bill Negotiation and Review Services support:

  • Workers' Compensation insurance companies
  • Third party administrators
  • Self insured employers
  • Other independent review organizations
  • Law firms

Solutions for Hospitals - URAC Certified Medical Peer Review Services

As a leading Medical Peer Review company we service Hospitals throughout the United States providing board-certified specialists in every American Board of Medical Specialities.  Our Physicians have handled tens of thousands of pre-certification telephonic back surgery, orthopaedic surgery and imaging study utilization review requests as well as retrospective reviews for ongoing testing and management of back and joint cases. We meet regularly in telephone conference to discuss issues related to hospital external Peer Reviews, workers compensation claims and group health claims. We are prepared to see these cases through litigation as necessary. SFUR will manage and guarantee availability of the physician advisor at attorney conference, deposition and trial.

Our URAC Accredited Peer Review services include:

  • Admission and continued stay telephonic review services
  • External Peer Review including second reads of radiology and pathology studies and of hospital medical and surgical cases.
  • Hospital, surgical, and ambulatory surgery center bill analysis and negotiation.
  • Support on legal matters providing independent review experts



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Bill Negotiation .... Performance is Guaranteed.

Bill Negotiation services are pay for performance based: no savings achieved .... no fee charged.